Aspen Grizzly Bath Hardware

  • Model: Aspen Grizzly Bath Hardware
The Aspen Grizzly (AG) is an evolution in log Bath Hardware because of the distinct look this line creates. The unique finish of this grizzled wood provides exceptional rustic beauty. Each piece features extraordinary characteristics such as knots, burls and elk chews throughout the log. The Aspen Grizzly line is a showcase of nature’s beautiful imperfections and no two pieces are alike.

The Aspen Grizzly Bath Hardware is a complementary accessory to our Aspen Grizzly furniture.

Aspen Grizzly 24” Towel Rack 24”W x 5”D x5”H Reg. $79 Sale $69.00

Aspen Grizzly 36” Towel Rack 36”W x 5”D x5”H Reg. $79 Sale $89.00

Aspen Grizzly Toilet Paper Roller 8”W x 4”D x4”H Reg. $59 Sale $45.00

Aspen Grizzly 24” Wall Shelf 24”W x 6”D x5”H Reg. $79 Sale $69.00

Aspen Grizzly 36” Wall Shelf 36”W x 6”D x5”H Reg. $99 Sale $89.00

Aspen Grizzly 24” Coat Rack 24”W x 6”D x8”H Reg. $69 Sale $59.00

Aspen Grizzly 36” Coat Rack 36”W x 6”D x8”H Reg. $89 Sale $79.00

Please choose finish color.


• Poly: Hand brushed water-based polyurethane that creates a protective shine to an already unique piece *note, all Aspen product tops are triple coated in poly for protection against scratches.
• Wax: Hand rubbed Beeswax/Linseed Oil creates a matte, natural soft appeal to any piece.
• Bronze Aspen: Darker, richer wood tone with a proprietary blend that goes well with many décor styles *additional upcharge applies.
• Golden Poly: Hand rubbed Beeswax/Linseed Oil followed by hand brushed water-based polyurethane creates an enhanced glossy shine that glows.

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